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My Silver Creek  
By:  CityNews/PRP/Anabela - A look at crime in your region in 2008


Murder #1, January 24th

Police are called to a Hurontario St. address after what authorities call a night of heavy drinking involving two men. An altercation leaves one of them dead and the other facing charges. Forty-five-year-old Wladyslaw Bafia is discovered suffering fatal trauma. Roman Paszkowski is detained at the scene.


Murder #2, January 26th

Saturday night.  Cops are called to an address on Hermitage Road in Mississauga. They find Norman Anderson, 41, suffering from stab wounds. The man is rushed to hospital but succumbs to his injuries. An acquaintance, 38-year-old Thomas Belisle, whom police contend was involved in some previous confrontations with the victim, is charged with second degree murder.


Murder #3, January 30th

A call to St. Leonard's House on Queen Street East in Brampton reveals the body of a man suffering from gunshot wounds. Constantine Alevizos is sent to hospital but doctors there are unable to save him.


Murder #4, Feb. 22nd

When firefighters arrive at 177 Dundas St. West in Mississauga, they find a body in an apartment high rise. But after the flames are put out, it becomes clear the victim, 40-year-old Randall Hill, didn't succumb to the smoke. His death is determined to be a homicide, with the killer trying to cover his tracks by setting the place alight. A 35-year-old named Jason Vandenburg is arrested and accused two days later.


Murder #5, Feb. 18th

Andre Alexander Harrisingh, 26, is shot outside the Trilogy Night Club at 83 Kennedy Road South in Brampton. He later dies in hospital. A car is seen speeding from the scene.


Murder #6, Feb. 24th

Saturday night.  Police are called to Peter Robertson Blvd. and Torbram Road in Brampton.  The officers find two men who have been stabbed. One survives but the other, 20-year-old Daniel Grandison, dies of his wounds. Twenty-one-year-old Mark McKintosh is facing second degree murder charges.


Murder #7, March 15th

Winston Watson, 47, is found shot to death at Brandon Gate Drive and Rockhill Road.  Cops are looking for a motive and a car is seen fleeing the scene.


Murder #8, April 5th

It's 2am when cops find the body of 19-year-old Luis Estrada-Lemmon at 6235 Kennedy Road in Mississauga. He has been suffering from trauma to his body. Two men are arrested. One is charged with first degree murder, the other with being an accessory after the fact.


Murder #9, April 7th

A rooming house on Shallford Road in Malton. A fight between two men results in one suffering fatal injuries. Keith Shortridge is 43. Cops arrest 44-year-old Romeo Kanhai a day later. He's charged with second degree murder.


Murder #10 & 11, April 30th

A man and his wife are brutally stabbed to death in a parking lot at a Red Maple Drive strip mall. A suspect, later identified as 28-year-old Dwayne Palmer, attempts to cut his own throat but survives. Rahimullah Shahghasy is killed when he tries to come to the aid of his wife, Nazifa. 


Murder #12, June 23rd

Tamar Seale is found stabbed in the stairwell at 6 Sir Lou Drive in Brampton. He is pronounced dead at the scene. A 19-year-old named Naipaul Basdoram is charged with second degree murder.


Murder #13, June 30th

Officers are called to a home on Woodsend Run in Brampton after reports of shots being fired. They discover 31-year-old Glenford Asan Reid in critical condition. Attempts to save him prove futile and he's pronounced dead at the scene. A second man is wounded but recovers. Police discover that a young child was grazed by the bullets and narrowly escaped death. Despite many people being at the house party, there are no suspects.


Murder #14, June 30th

Orrin Marlon Earle, 28, is shot to death in an apartment on Darcel Avenue in Malton. Junior Mark Anthony Bennett, a 24-year-old, is being sought for murder.


Murder #15, July 15th

It's 6:45am and cops are on the scene of an apartment building at 3045 Queen Frederica Drive in Mississauga, where a 53-year-old man is found suffering from signs of trauma. A 23-year-old named Brady Maher is charged with murder. Cops say both men had been involved in an altercation the previous night.
Murder #16, July 23rd

Karina Neff, 31, who leaves her home at 10pm on July 21st, never comes back. She's found dead two days later in a wooded area of Windy Hollow Park, victim of strangulation. Mississauga resident Jason Osborne, 22, is charged with first degree murder.


Murder #17, August 9th

The victim this time is just 16 years old. Cops don't know why Brampton resident Alex Masih was targeted and shot to death. He's found bleeding on Collins Crescent and dies in hospital. Exactly a month later, police arrest 20-year-old Tristan Francis for second degree murder. The next day, a 26-year-old named Alvin Boyce is rounded up and faces the same charge.  


Murder #18, August 16th

Farhan Ali Omar, 22, is stabbed in a park at 1290 Rathburn Road West in Mississauga after an argument with another man. He dies hours later in hospital. A suspect, 20-year-old Tristan Landriault of Brampton, is arrested near his home without incident and faces murder charges.


Murder #19, August 22nd

Evan Popoola is found dead in the sports field near St. Jude Separate School at 175 Nahani Way. He's been shot to death. A youth is arrested several days later after cops get special permission to release his name and photograph.


Murder #20, Sept. 17th

Paramprit Dhinsa, 23, is discovered shot at Reindeer Road and Morning Star Drive. He later dies in hospital. A 17-year-old is arrested three days later.


Murder #21, Oct. 11th

Saturday, 11:30pm.  Shots are fired at a house party near Pickfair Drive and Benavon Road in Mississauga. Three victims are found with wounds and one, 29-year-old Hardupinder Gill, dies. A suspect flees the scene on foot and is believed to have stolen a Honda nearby, which is set on fire. On October 16, Peel Officers arrest Jagjit Gill, 23, resident of Brampton, who is charged with 2nd Degree Murder, Attempt Murder and Robbery with a Firearm. 


Murder #22, Oct. 12th

A house party and another shooting at Rosewater Court in Mississauga. Brandon Paltooram, 19, is pronounced dead at the scene. Another male victim man is sent to hospital in critical condition.  On October 22nd Police officers arrest a 16-year-old male, charged with Second Degree Murder and Attempted Murder.  His name cannot be released as per the provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act.


Murder #23, Oct. 12th

Sugar Island Bar at 6090 Dixie Road in Mississauga. It's 3:45am when shots ring out. When cops arrive they find the body of 23-year-old Kamaul Kapp.

On November 6, Peel Police arrested two men (20 and 25 year old)in connection with this murder


Murder #24, Oct. 14th

Rajiv Dharamdial, 14 years-old,  has just said goodbye to some friends at his school and taken a commonly used shortcut across a field. He's confronted by someone as he crosses and is stabbed. He calls for help on his cell phone but succumbs to his wounds.  14.

On October 22, 2008 Peel Police Officers arrest a 15 year male suspect in connection with this murder. 


Murder #25, Nov. 9th

Peel Police responded to a residence in Mississauga and find Susan Ryan, woman suffering from trauma and without vital signs.  A male was arrested at the scene and charged with Second Degree Murder.


Murder #26, Nov. 30th

Loretta Lavalley, a Brampton woman was found with life threatening injuries by Peel Police officers.  She later succumbed to her injuries.  The suspect, Christopher Hurd, a 28 year-old Brampton resident, was arrested at the scene and charged with First Degree Murder.


Murder # 27, Dec. 11th

Peel Police responded to a residence in Mississauga and found a lifeless female victim.  The victim was identified as 13 year old ALEXANDRA FIRGIN-HEWIE.  On this same date investigators arrested and charged with First Degree Murder, two Mississauga residents, Rafael Lasota 25 years of age and Michelle Liard, 19 years of age.


Last update:  December 11, 2008

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