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Silver Creek is the name of a stream running through the Town of Halton Hills (Georgetown).  This cold water stream, tributary of the Credit River, holds trout and is the spawning ground for salmon from Lake Ontario.

The Silver Creek Conservation Area boasts diverse forests and steep-sided stream valleys and is a beautiful spot for a hike. The trail at Silver Creek is home to both northern and southern species of plants and animals, including running strawberry-bush, spicebush, and yellow water buttercup. Blue-winged and golden-winged warblers nest at the Silver Creek as well. Silver Creek Valley carried meltwaters at the end of the Ice Age. Its valley separates the Georgetown outlier from the main Escarpment.



So far I couldn't find any history about our Silver Creek Blvd.  As far as I know, our complex was built in the early 70's.  You'll find a couple of pictures (History in Pics) from the begining.  However, I found some historic data about areas surrounding the complex.  Here it is:




"One of the first settlers in Toronto Township was Philip Cody, who arrived in 1807. He built and operated an inn and tavern on the southeast corner of Dundas Street and Cawthra Road. Joseph and Jane Silverthorne, the first visitors to the inn, completed Cherry Hill, their second home in 1822. This house is now a restaurant and stands at its new location on Silvercreek Boulevard. The village that developed at Cawthra and Dundas was named after Dr. Beaumont Dixie, in 1865, in part, because he had donated money to the Union Chapel. The Union Chapel was built in 1816 on the northeast corner of Dundas Street and Cawthra Road. Settlers of all Protestant denominations - including Methodist, Anglican and Presbyterian - worshipped in this Chapel according to their own faith. The original building was made of logs but a stone church was built 1837 to replace it. Today, this stone church can be seen in its original location."


Source:  City of Mississauga



For sure, Cherry Hill restaurant is the most famous building on Silver Creek Blvd. and some say it is haunted... If there are indeed ghosts... I swear they are not the ones who disturb us around our neighbourhood...


Originally the house was built in 1822, by Joseph and Jane Silverton (in: (I read it is Mississauga's oldest surviving house) at the intersection of Dundas Street and Cawthra Road and it was moved to the actual location in 1972.


Regretabbly, the restaurant has been closed down since September 2007.  I hope someone will take it over, because I wouldn't like to witness the demolition of this house and the construction of a new high rise building...


Cherry Hill Restaurant


- Cherry Hill Restaurant  -

May 2007

(Picture © Anabela)





What about Cooksville?  The corner of Dundas and Hurontario streets?

Here's what I found:

"Cooksville was once known as "Harrisville" after Daniel Harris, one of its earliest settlers. The village was renamed in 1836 in honor of its leading entrepreneur, Jacob Cook, who operated the first stagecoach mail service and operated local businesses. Located at the heart of Toronto Township, Cooksville had been the centre for civic, industrial, commercial, and educational interests for over a century. Mississauga's first municipal offices were located at the corner of Dundas and Hurontario Streets, as was the Central Library, the offices for the public and separate school boards and various Federal and Provincial ministries. In 1852, a major fire destroyed much of the village, and by 1873, when it was selected over Streetsville as the site of the new Town Hall, it was in need of an economic boost. Very little of pre-1940 Cooksville remains. Even the remnants of the old Cooksville Brick and Tile Yard, which provided employment to hundreds of local people from 1912-1970, have recently disappeared beneath new development."


1873 NE CORNER HWY 10&5

- 1873 - NE Corner of Hwy 10 & Dundas St -



1900 HWY10&5

- 1900 - Hwy 10 & Dundas St -



- 1927 - Royal Bank of Canada - Southwest corner of Dundas and Hurontario.  The stone building was demolished in 1968


Source:  Mississauga Library System (





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